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ToyTopic’s Ashley Holman on working hard on product innovation and sustainability and why price will be key in 2023.

As we begin to move through 2023, asks a selection of licensees how they are looking to make the most of the first quarter of the New Year despite the wider challenges that everyone is facing.

Today: Ashley Holman, md, ToyTopic.

“2023 will no doubt be a tough trading year, so we have worked hard on product innovation and sustainability to ensure we can offer the best product while keeping prices as low as possible. We are therefore thrilled to say all our plush and puppet products are now available as a 100% recycled option, while retaining all the quality and still hitting keen price points for the consumer.

We think this is the only way to retain consumers for this year who will still care about important things such as the environment, but price will become even more important than it was in 2022.”