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Operation Splash

Product Description:

Cavity Sam is in trouble at the beach! All-new from WowWee, this watery twist on the classic game of Operation is loads of outdoor fun! Fun for ages 4+, kids will use their lifeguard skills to save Cavity Sam by removing all five foam ailments and putting them in the lifesaver ring before time runs out! Just like everyone's favorite Operation game, players of Operation Splash Game do their best to remove Cavity Sam’s ailments, but now you’re being timed! The longer you take to remove all five ailments, the more you get SOAKED! Operation Splash Game is easy to set up in your backyard! Inflate the sprinkler mat and connect a hose to the sprinkler mechanism, wind up the sprinkler, and start playing! Included in your Operation Splash Game is 1 inflatable sprinkler mat, 1 nose sprinkler mechanism, 1 set of tongs, 5 foam ailments, 1 lifesaver ring, 1 repair patch, and instruction manual.


Mat size: 25 x 45 inches.

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